Meet Jake

Hi, I’m Jake, a sophomore nursing student at college.

I want to become a nurse because I have seen, first-hand, nurses changing the lives of their patients using all of their resources: mind, heart and soul. My job as a Clinical Tech in the hospital has taken me to many departments: ER, telemetry, ICU, med-surg and labor-delivery. From cradling a newborn to holding the hand of an elderly, dying woman, nurses do it and see it all!

"...but are we following our own advice?"

I have such a great respect for what nurses do, yet I am concerned that not enough of the nurses and yes, nursing students too, that I have met are Living Green. We tell our patients to lose weight, improve their diets, and exercise, but are we following our own advice? Statistics on the health of the roughly 3 million nurses in the USA are alarming; 72% of nurses in one study reported a lack of exercise, with 59% reporting being overweight or obese. The most often reported stress-reducing technique was eating. Burnout and fatigue are common topics in the break room, and let’s face it, nurses are being asked to do and give more with the economy the way it is.

Well, I have good news! What can you do that will not only help yourself, but also your patients, your workplace and your community- ALL AT ONCE? Live Green! That means a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I've got answers about just how to attain that even with school, 2 jobs and a packed social life, so let’s get moving so we can Live Green. Stay tuned for the latest on diet, exercise and stress relief just for nurses and nursing students. Have any suggestions on where to start?

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