a few words about me


How It All Began

Over the years, I have discovered that life is about the journey, not just what you produce or accumulate. Journeys take paths with unexpected twists and turns that almost always lead you to places that take your breath away.

One of those journeys in my life has been nursing. I am a nurse!  An actual, real, live nurse who starts and finishes her 12 hour shifts with unfailing regularity. Not only am I nurse, but I am also a wife, the mother of three sons, two dogs and two guinea pigs, and I have a black belt in Taekwondo.

Going Green

It all started when I was at work, when I noticed …batteries. Yes, we use ‘em all the time don’t we?

I changed batteries out of a telemetry box, the trans-venous pacemaker, and the PCA pumps, but had no idea what to do with them. No one else seemed to know either. I just could not throw them in the trash – please,  I did have some environmental awareness! So, I collected them and started on a journey. A journey of questioning, looking for answers, and taking small steps. A journey down the green road.

Nurses Go Green is a record of my small attempts to create healthy environments at home, work and in my personal world, and it’s an invitation for you to do that same.  I invite you to walk alongside me and other nurses who have chosen and will choose to green their worlds.

Why Nurses

Nurses are a determined group of people.  We are nurturers, and teachers, and promoters of health and life. Why shouldn’t nurses help lead the charge for environmentally safe and healthy medical practices?

For me, and many of the new friends I have met on the road, this is not just another project, to be left in the lurch. Our patients, our children, and our own health depend upon our choices.  These choices, no matter how small, can lead to big places, like a battery recycling program for your hospital, teaching an asthmatic about improving their home air quality or just knowing what products are healthier and enviro-friendly.

Mission, vision & values


Care for Patients

We care for patients all day, but did you know your enviro-choices impact their environments too? We can extend our care by taking care of their earth-home.


Make Healthy Choices

Going Green is not just about mindless recycling. Its about choosing clean air, water and food. Its about making the choices that impact our bodies.


Love our Home

When we lose our green environment it affects everything. The heat goes up when the trees come down... so let's love our home and take care of it.