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Making Good on those resolutions to Go Green

It’s a New Year. Isn’t it wonderful we get a fresh start every 365 days? You’ve been thinking about wanting to do more for the environment, or take steps toward a healthier lifestyle. It’s the perfect time to start! As nurses, we juggle a lot of priorities: work, home, family, community, finances, and school. The…
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Meet Jake

Hi, I’m Jake, a sophomore nursing student at college. I want to become a nurse because I have seen, first-hand, nurses changing the lives of their patients using all of their resources: mind, heart and soul. My job as a Clinical Tech in the hospital has taken me to many departments: ER, telemetry, ICU, med-surg…
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Florence Nightingale

The First Green Nurse Florence Nightingale and I have had a moment. It occurred to me that she could be considered the very first Green Nurse! In her own famous words describing what a nurse should do... “Put the patient in the best possible environment for nature to act...” ...Florence pinpointed exactly how important the…
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Going Green: Why should nurses care?

Why Should I Go Green? Why should nurses, practicing at the bedside like you and me, worry about the whole "going green" or "sustainability" movement in healthcare? Isn't that the job of highly paid executives? Or you may be thinking.... "It won't impact the way I care for my patients".... "It doesn't have anything to…
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The Nurses Go Green Initiator – Batteries

Okay, nurses, let’s dish about batteries.  We use them at work for all sorts of equipment: portable monitors, lab equipment, thermometers, even flashlights to check pupil response. Americans throw away 180,000 TONS of batteries a year! Some of these discarded batteries may contain lead, cadmium, or mercury that could leech into the soil and groundwater…
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