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How everyday nurses are making a difference at work, whether at a medical center, long term care or in the field. What common concerns, ideas and successes they have.

ICU Nurses recycle IV packaging

When the bedside nurses at a busy intensive care unit found out that almost all of their packaging from IV tubing, IV solution bags, and other plastic/paper wrapped supplies was recyclable, they committed to a small change in practice that has added up to big environmental results. Getting Expert Advice The hospital's Going Green Committee…
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Green Team Establish Monarch Waystation

During early July 2015, the Green Team at INOVA Loudoun Hospital in Virginia and Nursing student Jake, worked together to establish the first Monarch Waystation on an INOVA property. A waystation is the term for big or small plots of land that are set aside to provide food and shelter for the rapidly dwindling population…
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Greening the OR

Meet Jaye Sutton, RN When you walk into her office, you can immediately tell, Here is a manager who cares. Jaye Sutton, RN, Director of Surgical Services, may be on the phone, giving an insightful, genuine, “Hang in there, you-can- do- it” talk to a fellow nurse. Rows of binders containing plans for projects she…
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Going Green: Why should nurses care?

Why Should I Go Green? Why should nurses, practicing at the bedside like you and me, worry about the whole "going green" or "sustainability" movement in healthcare? Isn't that the job of highly paid executives? Or you may be thinking.... "It won't impact the way I care for my patients".... "It doesn't have anything to…
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