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Down and dirty on who, what, when, where and why nurses should recycle! And how to make it easy!

Get Your Drink On

Let’s talk about water. We need it! Every nursing student learns that water comprises 60% of the body’s weight and is essential for proper functioning of the body’s systems. We learn the signs and symptoms of dehydration in A&P, but do we realize that even mild dehydration can dampen moods, decrease ability to concentrate and…
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Making Good on those resolutions to Go Green

It’s a New Year. Isn’t it wonderful we get a fresh start every 365 days? You’ve been thinking about wanting to do more for the environment, or take steps toward a healthier lifestyle. It’s the perfect time to start! As nurses, we juggle a lot of priorities: work, home, family, community, finances, and school. The…
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The Nurses Go Green Initiator – Batteries

Okay, nurses, let’s dish about batteries.  We use them at work for all sorts of equipment: portable monitors, lab equipment, thermometers, even flashlights to check pupil response. Americans throw away 180,000 TONS of batteries a year! Some of these discarded batteries may contain lead, cadmium, or mercury that could leech into the soil and groundwater…
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