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Stories, thoughts and ideas about going green from nurses just like you! Inspiring!

Nurses on Capitol Hill

Nurses on Capitol Hill, marching for climate change, in the scorching July heat? Mikaila Gawryn, BSN, RN, a pediatric nurse from Colorado, was ready to answer the call to support the Clean Power Plan by visiting her senators and recounting to them first-hand accounts of the growing number of children she sees struggling to breathe…
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Get Your Drink On

Let’s talk about water. We need it! Every nursing student learns that water comprises 60% of the body’s weight and is essential for proper functioning of the body’s systems. We learn the signs and symptoms of dehydration in A&P, but do we realize that even mild dehydration can dampen moods, decrease ability to concentrate and…
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Because Going Green Changes Patient Care

The Untruth A common misconception about Going Green as a nurse goes something like this:"Why should I Go Green? I'm a nurse and it won't change the way I care for patients." The thought behind that is that nurses deal with diseases, are task oriented, and help individuals to cope. Where's the chance for a green anything? I used…
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A Tale of Two Carrots

The Tale of two Carrots Have you been to the produce aisle of the grocery store lately? You may not have realized it, but there’s a war going on! The two sides lines up and battle for your money: organic versus conventional carrots (and bananas, spinach, berries, basil, apples, celery, you name it). Why?  What’s…
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Making Good on those resolutions to Go Green

It’s a New Year. Isn’t it wonderful we get a fresh start every 365 days? You’ve been thinking about wanting to do more for the environment, or take steps toward a healthier lifestyle. It’s the perfect time to start! As nurses, we juggle a lot of priorities: work, home, family, community, finances, and school. The…
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Meet Jake

Hi, I’m Jake, a sophomore nursing student at college. I want to become a nurse because I have seen, first-hand, nurses changing the lives of their patients using all of their resources: mind, heart and soul. My job as a Clinical Tech in the hospital has taken me to many departments: ER, telemetry, ICU, med-surg…
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