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There’s so much one can say about Clean Food and Clean Eating, and we can’t cover all of it. I just want to scratch the surface...

whet your appetite...

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Just like air, food is something we need to survive. Without it, we don’t get far, only a few days really. So, if we have to put food into our bodies… if it’s a lifeline… why not put the best stuff in.




Trash In Trash Out

The old proverb rings true. Put trash in your body, and you’ll get trash out. Fill your body with pesticides, hormones, fast foods, and what should be classified as not-even-edible, and you’ll get a sluggish body, undesired weight-gain/loss, and eventually, disease. It’s just not worth it.

But, fill your body with life-giving fresh veggies, clean meat and dairy, close-to-nature grains and a variety of fruits, nuts and legumes, and your energy will soar, your skin will shine, your weight will stabilize.

It might be a lifestyle change for you, but it’s worth it. As nurses – you know this, I don’t need to tell you. We don’t always apply what we know, do we? But, I’m here to tell you it is worth it, and you can fit it into your crazy schedule.


The Basics

Here’s the basics, plain and simple:

  • Plants – eat them. Eat a lot of them. Eat them with every meal. Buy them often and eat them fresh.
  • Meat – include meat. In its (almost) original form. Not that processed stuff that gets shoved into hotdogs and sausages.
  • Dairy products – some people struggle with dairy, but if it doesn’t make you stuffy, it’s a great source of protein and calcium. Get the full-fat products - stay as close to nature as possible.
  • As little sugar as possible. None if you can help it. (Read the labels – it’s in everything)
  • Avoid: Sugar, sugar substitutes, fast food, processed anything, foods with labels that have words you can’t pronouce, food with labels longer than 3-6 ingredients. .





All foods are not equal

A carrot is a carrot, right? A chicken a chicken? Not quite. There is a sea of pesticides and hormones between organic and the commercially farmed produce and meat/dairy. Pesticides are poison (that’s why they’re there in the first place). Hormones not made by your body should not be added at will, except for medical reasons, supervised by a medical doctor.

Wherever and whenever you can – go organic. I know, it’s a little pricey, so here’s a few tips:

  • If you eat the skin – make it organic. So if you have to choose, go with an organic pear over an organic banana.
  • Eggs – if you can’t do organic, make sure its free range. Although you might as well go all the way and bump it up those extra few cents
  • Milk – if you go organic with anything, make it milk. Even better, get it fresh from a farm. I buy mine from South Mountain Creamery, and it’s delicious. I will never go back. Full cream is the best and healthiest choice.
  • Meats – organic, but if you can’t, make sure it’s grass-fed and hormone-free.


nurse offers fruitCare for your Body

We have one life, one body. We don’t get another one if we stuff this one up. We love our families, our patients, and ourselves if we take care of what we have been given. Care for your body, it works so hard for you. Give a little back.

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