Clean Power

Energy efficiency can enhance human health

  • by reducing greenhouse gas  emissions,
  • improving outdoor air quality,
  • and decreasing acid rain.

It can change our lives, and the lives of our patients and children.



When you think of clean energy what comes to mind?

A change in power plant behavior (or really the behavior of the humans that run them)?
Reduced CO2 emissions?
A fundamental overhaul of society’s way of thinking about our dwindling resources?

Me too...

And although there is something we can do about that, there are few among us that have the time and inclination get involved in these global issues. If that's you - you can still make a difference so don't stop reading!


What Can We do?

Its simple, we can change our behavior. If every nurse in the United States became more aware of his/her power usage, collectively we could impact the entire Healthcare industry.

Nurses are the biggest workforce in the Healthcare industry. You may have heard that before… but did you know we are the most trusted profession too? Above doctors, above psychologists, above religious leaders – the nurse.


It’s not surprising really, we put our heart and soul into caring for our patients, but can you imagine if we use that trust to influence the minds and behavior of those lives we touch?

We can actually become the key to that fundamental overhaul of society’s way of thinking about our dwindling resources.


How we can change the world


  1. Set the example

Change our own behavior. Become more away of what we are doing.

You know what to do, it’s the simple things we all know about - Switch the lights off – use energy efficient lightbulbs – don’t leave cell phones charging  - switch off all machinery that’s not being used…

All that stuff, we know it, but let’s live it. Every energy efficient decision is a gift we give ourselves, and one another


  1. megaphone-50092_640Speak about energy efficiency

Talk about it with your coworkers, your patients, and your family. You can do this naturally without launching into a 'Save-the-Planet' lecture. Phrases thrown in here and there, explanations when you make decisions to conserve energy – show that you are passionate about health, show how that extends to our environment and what we  the health of future generations.


  1. Learn a little and make decision makers aware

If you have influence with the decision makers of your organization make them aware of steps they can take to improve energy efficiency.

Check out Energy Star’s Building Upgrade Manual, which talks about thing such as Healthcare facilities examining and analyzing energy use to determine where it could be possible to cut back.



The US Department of Energy also provides several energy efficiency fact sheets on buying energy efficient equipment including:


Use your energy, your enthusiasm, to influence the world around you.

Nurses changes lives every day, we can broaden our sphere of influence to include changing the environment.

Check out our blog post on Nurses Supporting the Clean Power Plan

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