Clean Water

Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink.

We're all familiar with the quote from English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and its reference to undrinkable water (namely, sea water). But, perhaps in the twenty-first century, this can be applied further...

We're obsessed with clean, pure water. But are we just letting it flow through out hands without a thought about being a limited resource?

water-863053_1920Can we still say "Water, water, everywhere?" 

If you live on the West Coast you might be singing a different tune. With the relentless droughts and increasing water restrictions residents are  becoming more and more aware of how much water they use. We could all learn a thing or two from them...

Contrary to popular belief, water does not come on tap - and by that I mean there is not an endless supply. With climate change and other global issues, water, especially clean, drinkable water, is becoming scarcer and more precious. We can do our bit at home AND at work.

  • drops-of-water-578897_1280Don't let water down the drain when there may be another use for it such as watering a plant or garden, or cleaning
  • Repair or report leaky plumbing
  • Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily - such as disposing tissues - use a trash can
  • Take shorter showers and use less water when you bath/help a patient
  • Don't let water run while brushing your teeth or washing your face
  • Don't run the dishwasher or washing machine with half empty loads
  • Water your lawn when its cool - early morning or evening.

Each decision saves water. Each gallon of water saved can be used elsewhere, where its needed more. Allow others to have access to clean water too.


Something to ponder:

According to the IBWA, some 71% of bottled waters users cite quality as the reason for buying. Quite simply, they say it's better than what's coming out of their tap. But water safety experts say that, except in isolated situations, this simply isn't true.

... with the exception of a few isolated pockets of truly bad drinking water, most municipal systems and most bottled water sources are fairly equal in terms of contaminants and other health and safety issues.



Makes you think, doesn't it?

Bottled water might not be better or worse that tap water -  just a little more convenient. Imagine all the plastic not thrown into the environment if people went back to simple tap water.

Take Action

Tip: Get a water filter and drink tap water. Even at work.

Take the Pledge to use a Reusable Water Bottle.