Pledge to use a reusable water bottle

Let’s talk about water. We need it! Every nursing student learns that water comprises 60% of the body’s weight and is essential for proper functioning of the body’s systems. We learn the signs and symptoms of dehydration in A&P, but do we realize that even mild dehydration can dampen moods, decrease ability to concentrate and drain energy?

The Institute of Medicine recommends roughly 13 cups of fluid, including water, for men every day and 9 cups a day for women. This number can be affected by activity, climate and medical condition. I wanted to pump up my daily intake of water, but didn’t want to add to the billions of water bottles in America headed for the landfill.

So what’s the answer? A refillable, reusable water bottle. They come in all shapes, sizes and are a necessary accessory for the hyper-busy Green Nursing student running between class, clinicals, college life. Which one is the best for throwing into the pack and heading out the door? I’ve done some of the research for you by comparing and keeping notes on the following three water bottles.

Check out my graph below, and then do the math.  Reply to this post if you have any water bottle recommendations of your own.



1* Low Quality (It carries water)

2** Not Bad Quality (It Looks like a water bottle)

3*** Average Quality (It gets the job done and I like it)

4**** Pretty Good Quality (I carry this thing around constantly)

5***** Best Quality (King of water bottles)

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