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Eat Organic

Read student nurse Jake's, post about eating organic, it'll make you think twice about buying pesticide-laden produce. So, I know it can be expensive. And I know its a whole mindset change. So why not pick five items, just five, and pledge to go organic. Keep the following in mind: When choosing fruit and veg, go with items where…
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Recycle Batteries

At work and at home. To find out more about how to recycle, which batteries you can recycle, what you can throw out and how... check out this blog post. To pledge, write your name in the comments below.
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Pledge to use a reusable water bottle

Let’s talk about water. We need it! Every nursing student learns that water comprises 60% of the body’s weight and is essential for proper functioning of the body’s systems. We learn the signs and symptoms of dehydration in A&P, but do we realize that even mild dehydration can dampen moods, decrease ability to concentrate and…
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