We believe Do No Harm...

Applies not only to our patients, but our environment too.

Clean Air

We tend to think of air pollution as something outside – you know, the fault of auto emissions, giant industrial factories, and the fires that sweep across the west...

Clean Water

We're obsessed with clean, pure water. But are we just letting it flow through out hands without a thought about being a limited resource?

Clean Power

Energy efficiency can enhance human health by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving outdoor air quality, and decreasing acid rain.

Clean Food

Just like air, food is something we need to survive. Without it, we don’t get far, only a few days really. So, if we have to put food into our bodies… if it’s a lifeline…


Nurses that Make a Difference

  • Real gardeners share
    If you ask Debbie L. about her garden, she lights up a smile and answers, “It’s full of friends.” The twenty-year nursing veteran...
  • Labor and Delivery Goes Green with Genevieve, RN
    Genevieve Zekra, BSN, RNC-OB, is Going Green in a Leesburg, Virginia, community hospital, and saving her labor and delivery unit thousands of dollars...
  • Nurses on Capitol Hill
    Nurses on Capitol Hill, marching for climate change, in the scorching July heat? Mikaila Gawryn, BSN, RN, a pediatric nurse from Colorado, was...