Making Good on those resolutions to Go Green

It’s a New Year. Isn’t it wonderful we get a fresh start every 365 days? You’ve been thinking about wanting to do more for the environment, or take steps toward a healthier lifestyle. It’s the perfect time to start! As nurses, we juggle a lot of priorities: work, home, family, community, finances, and school. The great thing about a greener, healthier lifestyle is that it only adds to and improves all the areas of your life. Yes, even finances, since greener can be cheaper! It can be done gradually, naturally, and not need monumental effort.

Here are two suggestions to get you going this January

  1. Calculate your Carbon Footprint either individually or as a household. Carbon Footprint is how much greenhouse gasses your lifestyle choices create. Two online Carbon Footprint calculators for easy application:

(This EPA Carbon Footprint calculator also shows how energy saving steps it will prompt you to consider directly reduces your Carbon Footprint, and the cost savings involved based on averages from your area!)

2. If you are not currently recycling, start now. This works for both home and work. Call your waste management provider and find out what recycling services they offer, then start small. Choose one item, like plastic water bottles or newspapers, and begin recycling. It will feel so good that you will soon find yourself asking, “Can I recycle this?” before you throw anything out. Here are interesting facts about water bottles to motivate you…

-Watch this animation to see the volume of the water bottle problem in the US:


-Recycling a single plastic bottle can conserve enough energy to light a 60-watt light bulb for up to six hours - See more at:



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